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What Type of Coffee Maker Should You Buy?

7 Questions To Ask Before You Make a Purchase!

What type of coffee maker should you buy? ProcoffeenatingDo you need hot coffee in the morning to help you wake up and start your day?

It doesn’t seem like that long ago that there were limited choices for making that first cup of coffee in the morning. Instant coffee or a drip filter with paper filters and a large carafe.

The only way you had of personalizing your favourite brew in the morning, was the type of coffee grounds you were using.

Coffee in the morning – are there now too many options?

As the coffee/cafe culture becomes more sophisticated, the range of coffee types on offer and brewing options keeps increasing.

While choice is always a good thing, are there now so many types of coffee makers on offer that we have made the buying decision harder for ourselves?

What is the best coffee you can make?

Espresso or Barista styleI love mornings because I can have coffee

The internet is full of so-called coffee aficionados or self-titled experts, who will sometimes condescendingly tell you that the only ‘real’ coffee is espresso.

This must, of course, be brewed using a proper espresso machine, preferably made in Italy.

Or, wait 10-15 minutes for your Moka Pot (also known as a Caffetiere) to brew.


Others will insist that you should use a specialist drip system such as Chemex whereby you pour only enough water to saturate the bean.

This sounds great, but what if you don’t have the time?

Artisan coffee and optimum brewing may be nice but are just not realistic on weekday mornings.

What if you just need a hot cup of coffee, and convenience and speed of brewing time is the most important factor.

If it tastes really good, that is a bonus!

What is the best coffee and coffee maker?

The one that fits your lifestyle, your needs and brews a cup of coffee that you love. It is that simple.

More often than not, keen coffee drinkers have more than one coffee brewing option in their home. They indulge in freshly ground beans on the weekend when they are not in a hurry.

Remember – the only opinion that matters is yours!

What coffee maker should you buy? How do you decide on the right one for your needs?

The internet is full of choice – the sales seem endless. It is also full of reviews of coffee makers. Things to think about before buying a coffee maker: Procoffeenating

Indeed, this site does review some coffee related items that we hope that you find helpful.

You may well have found this blog because you have started to research coffee makers or coffee related appliances and discovered one of our articles?

However, after talking to a friend who was asking me questions about what coffee maker would suit her household best, I realised that these reviews often tend to focus on particular brands or brewing style.

That is is fine if you already know what coffee maker is the ‘right fit’ for your lifestyle or household.

What they don’t help with is guidance on what you need to think about or questions you need to ask yourself before you look at brands, price or other buyer reviews.’

8 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before You Buy Your Next Coffee Machine

questions to ask before you buy a coffee maker: ProcoffeenatingListed below are the questions I asked my friend when helping her to identify her coffee making needs.

I have also included some links to general areas of Amazon for information purposes if you are not exactly sure what I am referring to.

Write your answers down and use that as a guide when you start your shopping:

1. How many coffee drinkers are there in your house?

  • Are you the only coffee drinker in the house, or are there other people in your household who are equally addicted to that jolt of caffeine in the morning?
  • If there are multiple coffee drinkers, do you all race for that first ‘morning brew’ at the same time?
  • Are they prepared to wait for their own personal brew, or is patience in short supply in your household until everyone is caffeinated?
  • How many cups of coffee will any Coffee Machine need to dispense in busy times, ie. first thing in the morning?

One or two coffee drinkers: If you are the only coffee maker or there are two of you and you have a few minutes (3-5) to brew individual cups think about single serve coffee machines (also called one cup, coffee on demand or single cup machines).

More than two coffee drinkers: If there are multiple drinkers all impatiently wanting that first caffeine hit at the same time, think a traditional drip brew filter coffee maker. Choose the carafe size based on the number of cups that are needed.

If they are prepared to wait to get a cup of their preferred brew, most single serve coffee makers brew quickly. There is also now a dual single serve coffee machine that will dispense two cups at the one time.

2. What type of coffee do you or everyone coffee drinker in your house prefer?

Do you like a light roast, while your partner prefers a stronger, darker roast?

Or, do you prefer the many flavour options you can enjoy with K-Cups?

Does your ‘other half’ prefer his traditional drip filter brew and glass carafe? That is how he/she has always drunk their coffee and they see no need to change?

Everyone has the same taste in coffee: Choose a machine that brews the preferred coffee for everyone in the house whether that is a traditional drip filter or a K-Cup machine.

Everyone has different tastes of coffee: There are now dual-use coffee makers that can brew more than one serve of coffee at the same time, such as drip filter single-serve and a pot. Or, multipurpose single cup coffee makers that can brew K-Cups and drip filter on demand.

3. Is it easy for you to refill the water reservoir each time you want to brew a new cup?

Would you prefer to fill a water reservoir the night before, or are you happy to fill on a per cup basis?Or, are there any physical or coordination issues that make the filling and carrying of a heavy carafe (even if it is plastic) difficult?

Our tip for filling as you go – use the cup you are going to brew into. Just ensure that you leave room in the cup for milk/creamer.

If you are happy to fill a large carafe so multiple cups can be brewed before a refill is needed. Most of these carafes are made of heavy duty plastic, not glass.

Our tip to refill if you don’t want to remove – keep small jug beside the coffee machine and use that.

4. How much time do you have in the morning to prepare and brew?

Are you alert enough (reasonable hand/eye coordination) with sufficient patience before your first cup of Questions to ask before buying a coffee machine: Procoffeenatingcoffee to wait for your perfect cup to brew, which you will then sip and savour?

Or, are you trying to brew on the run while organizing children, spouses and getting dressed before running out the door?

Time is a precious commodity that you don’t have enough of in the morning.

If time is short, think of a quick brew machine that fits a travel mug.

For the coffee connoisseur, or someone who doesn’t have a hectic morning schedule and has time to brew a cup of Joe to taste, think a Moka Pot (Caffetiere), Coffee Machine with built-in Grinder (Grind and Brew) or an Espresso Machine (Barista style).

5. Will your coffee maker stay in your kitchen, or will it go travelling or hiking or camping with you? Would you like to take it to the office?

Your coffee machine doesn’t only have to stay in your kitchen or home office these days.

There are many coffee machines and brewing options that you can take with you to the office when travelling, hiking or camping.

It all depends on your preferred taste and needs: On the run, Portable Espresso, French Press or Collapsible.

6. Will your coffee machine stay on the counter? Do you want it to match or contrast with the colours in your kitchen?

This may sound like a silly question.Questions to ask before buying a coffee maker: Procoffeenating

However, if you have recently updated your kitchen or are looking to refresh it, why not consider whether the coffee maker will add or detract from this important family space?

As there are so many similar options and brands to choose from, sometimes your final decision will be based on colour. Does it match or contrast with my kitchen or what does it attractive?

Many coffee maker manufacturers now offer machines is a wide-range of colours. You don’t just have to choose from stainless steel or black. Why not consider red, blue, green or orange.

7. How much do you want to spend on a coffee maker or machine?

Do you have limited funds or is money no object?

Will you accept the best machine and coffee it brews for the money you have to spend? Or, is the pursuit of the best-tasting coffee in the morning worth any cost?

Coffee brewing options start for less than $20. They then run the full price gamut into the thousands of dollars.

After you have answered questions 1 to 7, consider what is the best purchase to meet the needs you have identified, based on your budget.

What type of coffee maker should you buy? Remember, many homes have more than one type of brewing options

Initially, focus on the machine that is going to get the most use ie. the one you will use to brew your Questions to Ask before buying a coffee machine: Procoffeenatingweekday morning cup of coffee.

Then, when you have more time, extend your brewing options.

There is nothing I like more than a Pour Over or French Press coffee when I have the time to prepare it properly.

Buying Online on Amazon

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Amazon is a global and trusted brand and you have the additional ‘peace of mind’ knowing that you are protected by their returns policy.

Amazon shipping
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