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I must admit that I love Christmas and I normally enjoy buying Christmas presents.

It is my own personal challenge and pleasure to find the perfect gift for the person I am buying for.

Knowing that you may be surprised when I tell you that I hate Secret Santa at Work.  I dread it.

Every year I seem to be allocated a colleague that I don’t know well, such as Bob in Accounting or Sarah in Operations….co-workers that I occasionally share an elevator with, or smile and nod at when we are in the queue at the Coffee Shop at the same time.

Chocolates and Cheap Wine – the Default Secret Santa Gifts

Equally, I am almost certain that every year that my name is given to one of the guys in sales as I always end up with a pack of supermarket bought chocolates or a bottle of cheap wine that I will never drink.

Every year I ask myself, with shopping at our fingertips, exactly how hard or how much time does it really take to purchase an interesting or thoughtful gift for a co-worker?

I am a Gift-Giving Snob…

Hear me out, before you say Bah Humbug!

The dictionary definition of a snob is a:

person who believes himself or herself an expert or connoisseur in agiven field and is
condescending toward or disdainful of those who hold other opinions or have different tastes regarding this field.

Yes, that describes me perfectly when it comes to gift buying…I spend a great deal of time and put a lot of thought into buying the perfect gift…even if I don’t know the person very well.

I have a gift drawer at home and I buy gifts for friends and family throughout the year as I see something that makes me think of one of them.

Proud of my gift-buying prowess.

I have to stay within a tight budget, but I don’t like to buy anything that is wasteful and will just add to landfill issues. But I do want to hear “that’s great”, “that’s perfect or ‘I love it”, or “I would never have thought to buy it myself”.

So yes, I do get upset when I receive chocolates or wine indicating that there wasn’t a lot of time or purchase into their gift purchase.

My Tips for Buying a Thoughtful and Useful Secret Santa Gift for a Co-Worker

Gift ideas for Secret Santa at Work - Procoffeenating

Gift buying for someone that you don’t know well is a challenge.

However, with a little bit of investigative work, you can usually work out what that person may or may not like:

  • If possible, walk past their desk. Are there any photographs or personal items that indicate what they are interested in – family, pets or a particular hobby?
  • Ever chatted with them where they mentioned a particular interest or hobby or ‘pet’ work annoyance, such as the bad coffee in the staff room? Or, the fact that the pot always seems to be empty when he/she is on a work break?Have you ever discussed just how awful the work coffee is and how much money you spend on buying coffee at your local coffee shop?
  • When you have seen them in the office, are they always carrying a large cup of tea or coffee or do you see them in the staffroom reading or doing the crossword?
  • Does their job entail a lot of travel, or working at client premises and having to tote client files with them?

If you don’t get answers from any of the above, talk to a work colleague who knows them better than you do. However, that does mean that your Secret Santa role is not so secret anymore.

Why Aren’t There Any Coffee Mugs in your Gift Ideas for Secret Santa at Work?

Coffee mugs are an obvious, easy and low price gift, particularly if you know that the person you are buying for is an animal lover or sporting fan.

But, the chances are, a cat fanatic will already own at least one cat-related coffee mug.

Are you hoping to amuse or offend?

Without realizing it, these are also gifts that can just as easily offend as they do amuse!

You might know that everyone calls Bob a ‘coffee snob’, but he doesn’t know that. And he doesn’t consider himself one.

While I freely admit to being a gift-giving snob, Bob may think of himself as a coffee connoisseur. Someone who genuinely loves and enjoys coffee and has taken the time to find out more about his favorite brew.

15 Thoughtful and Unique Secret Santa Gifts for Co-Workers

If your workplace is anything like mine, it is full to overflowing with coffee addicts. I have found that coffee-related gifts are normally well-received.

To help speed up your gift buying process this year, and to potentially take advantage of the deals that you may find in the online sales such as Black FridaySingles Day or Thanksgiving Day Sales, I have listed my favorite unique gifts for your Secret Santa gift duties this year.

1. Gift ideas for Secret Santa at Work – 
Under $10

Bali's Best Coffee Candy 42 Individually Wrapped Candies 5.3 oz (2 Pack)

A great gift for any Coffee lover with a 'sweet tooth'.

Made with real Sumatran coffee found in Indonesia, Bali's Best coffee candy is perfectly balanced in rich flavors, creaminess & aroma.

This is a 2 pack offer - so one for them and one for you?
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Coffee Time: A Coffee Lovers Coloring Book For Stress Relief and Relaxation (Whimsical Refreshments)

Adult coloring books have become very popular over the past couple of years because they help to reduce anxiety and to increase one's ability to focus.

If you have leftover money in your gift budget, add a pack of coloring pencils with the book.

NB. If you like the idea of a coloring book, but this is not the right one - there are many others available.
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Casual Grounds Stainless Steel Coffee and Tea Scoop with Bag Clip

A smart little gift if you know that the coffee-loving co-worker you are buying for buys and grinds their own beans at home.

This handy device is a coffee scoop and coffee bag sealer in one.

The person you are buying it for probably won't have one, but they will definitely use it!
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3 Pack X Coffee Bean Shape Ice Cube Mold

Who doesn't need more ice trays?

These specialty ice cube makers are a fun and fabulous addition to homemade Iced Coffees in the warmer months.

Probably the gift that the recipient, didn't know they needed!
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Bellemain Desktop Mug Warmer for Coffee, Tea, Cocoa, Soup, Scented Candles or Wax

You often see the person you are buying for in the kitchen re-heating their cold coffee in the microwave or pouring it down the sink.

The constant phone calls and interruptions that are part of every office can make it hard to finish that large 'cup of Joe' before it gets cold.

This is the perfect way of helping to keep it drinking temperature for longer.
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2. Gift ideas for Secret Santa at Work – Between $10 – $20

Found Image Press 2018 Easel Desk Calendar, Coffee
Desk calendars are a really usmartphoneseven in today's world of smart phones etc.

It may be 'old-school' but there is nothing better when counting days or weeks than a hardcopy calendar.

This desktop, easel calendar features retro coffee advertising images.

It is both a useful and attractive addition to any desk!
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Coffee Grinder Manual - Stainless Steel with Adjustable Ceramic Burr

A great little gift set that people will think cost a lot more than it actually did.

It is Aeropress Compatible & Perfect for Traveling and comes with a Gift Box of other small add ons.

Perfect if you suspect (or know) that your recipient loves to buy and grind their own beans.
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MIUBEAR 2 Pair IF YOU CAN READ THIS BRING ME SOME WINE Funny Saying Knitting Word Cotton Crew Socks

I buy these and give them to friends as 'fun' gifts.

They are always received with a smile and a chuckle.

One friend uses them to great advantage with her husband...

This is a 2 pack offer, so 1 purchase and two gifts bought?
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Luggage Drink/Cup Holder

Is that person you are buying for, someone who travels a lot for the business, or do they regularly visit client sites with files?

A useful little addition to any pull along suitcase - you often see airline stewardess's with them.

It allows you to pull the bag and take your coffee with you - handsfree.
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EuroGraphics Coffee Puzzle (1000-Piece)

What more could a puzzle-loving coffee drinker enjoy more than a jigsaw featuring coffee?

A great way to spend cold, dark winter nights and learn more about coffee at the same time.
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Coffee Masters Around The World In Twelve Coffees Variety Pack

There are so many coffee types to taste from all around the world!

Give them the chance to try something different to the boring coffee in the staffroom or Starbucks.
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3. Gift ideas for Secret Santa at Work – Between $20 – $35

AdirChef Grab N' Go Personal Coffee Maker with 15 oz. Travel Mug

An easy, quick and low-cost option to having to run out and order coffee, or getting to the coffee pot in the staff room and always finding it empty.

This compact little machine will brew your favorite 'cup of Joe' into a convenient and easy to clean travel mug within minutes. And, it is so light-weight (1.3lbs) and compact, it can be stored in most desk drawers without a problem.

Prices depending on the color of the machine normally vary between a range of $19 - $25. People won't believe you bought it and kept within budget.

Read our full review on the AdirChef Grab N' Go Personal Coffee Maker for more information.
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Chocolate Espresso Bean Blend - White, Milk & Dark Chocolate

Is there anything better than coffee? Chocolate perhaps?

What about a combination of roasted beans covered in dark, milk and white chocolate?

These are a personal favorite of mine and something a little different to the traditional chocolates that are in plentiful supply at this time of year.

NB. Smaller bags and bottles are available.
Procoffeenating: BUY IT NOW

Swan Creek Roasted Espresso 24 Oz Jar Candle
Who doesn't love the atmosphere that a candle creates on those long winter evenings....this beautiful gift will burn and give off the aroma of roasted espresso. Beautiful to look at and beautiful to smell.
Procoffeenating: BUY IT NOW

Nuvo Eco Ceramic Handy Coffee Bean Roaster
An Amazon Choice Item
If you know the person you are buying for likes to purchase and grind their own fresh beans, help them take it one step further.

This easy to use personal coffee bean roaster for the home will allow them to buy green beans, toast them at home and then grind and brew.
Procoffeenating: BUY IT NOW
KeepCup Brew Glass Reusable Coffee Cup

Buy takeaway coffee without the throwaway cup going into landfill.

Available in multiple sizes and colour options (and lower price points), a Keep Cup can also save $$$.

Many coffee shops now offer a discount if you bring your own cup.

Procoffeenating: BUY IT NOW
AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker with zippered nylon tote bag with bonus 350 Micro Filters: ProcoffeenatingAeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker with zippered nylon tote bag with bonus 350 Micro Filters

A much-loved coffee maker among coffee fans because the total immersion of the grounds in the water results in rapid yet robust extraction of flavor

Small, light and convenient it easy to use and comes with a nylon tote bag for easy storage in a desk drawer or for travel and camping.
Procoffeenating: BUY IT NOW

Should you include postage costs in your total spend?

This is rarely mentioned when the names are drawn ‘out of the hat’ or allocated for Secret Santa.

The answer – it is probably a personal decision, and you should do what you think is best! However, it is something to be aware of so that your well-priced buy doesn’t ‘blow’ your Secret Santa budget.

Amazon Shipping

Many items on Amazon qualify for free or discounted postage, particularly at this time of the year.

Look for the  ‘Free Shipping by Amazon’ next to the item price, and add at least $25 of eligible items to your cart to qualify.

For faster shipping options, join Prime and take advantage of Free Two-Day Shipping nationwide.
Find out more about Amazon’s free shipping.

Amazon Gift Wrapping
Did you know that during the checkout process you can select a ‘gift wrapping’ option?

While I might love gift buying, I don’t love gift wrapping, so when possible I opt for the professional touch!

For an additional $3.99 your Secret Santa gift will arrive pre-wrapped and with a personalized gift tag.



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