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The Best Gift for a Business Traveler:

And, why they should carry a coffee maker with them…

best gift for business traveler: Procoffeenating

Traveling for business is not always glamorous

Like most people, I love to travel for pleasure.

However, many people also know that I do, when needed, also travel for business.

This always sounds glamorous to people who don’t have to do it.

They don’t understand how much you miss the comforts of home when you are not there – your own bed, your own pillow and decent coffee on tap (or just a few steps away).

I really don’t enjoy the time lost in commuting to and from airports, the layovers in anonymous airports and the soulless hotel rooms. Business trips may be necessary, but are usually exhausting.

When you are traveling for business you rarely see the sights. Usually, the only sites I see of my destination is out the window of the taxi or uber on my way to and from the airport.

Most of your time is spent working, in meetings or conferences, and then back to that soulless hotel room to rework proposals late into the night.

Best Gift for Business Traveler: ProcoffeenatingWe offer our guests a vast array of in-room hot beverages

That is what it always says in the market brochure.

In reality that usually means a couple of cheap instant coffee packs, some out of date tea bags and a very basic kettle.

If they don’t even offer that, you have to find the local diner in an unfamiliar city for a cup of stale brew coffee, or call room service and pay an extortionate amount of money for a barely average pot.

Some of you will have noticed that in some locations such as Las Vegas, they don’t automatically provide coffee/tea making facilities in your room anymore.

Instead, they encourage you to head down to the Starbucks that is now conveniently located in their lobby. I need a coffee hit before I get dressed, not after.

Do they really want me strolling through the lobby in pajamas in search of coffee? I am traveling for business, not shopping at Walmart!

Why some information should never be shared!

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a coffee addict whose day doesn’t start until I have drunk my first cup.

Well maybe inhaled is a better description, but is a well-worn joke among my friends and family that you shouldn’t attempt to talk to me before I am caffeinated.

If my coffee woes while ‘on the road’ were not already great
enough, Gifts for Business Travellers: Procoffeenatinga few months ago a friend decided to share an email link to an article titled: Some hotel guests boil their underwear in the kettles to clean them.

What can you say to that besides – gross, unhygienic and ultimately, WHY?

I barely tolerated drinking the instant coffee beforehand. Whether it is an urban myth or not, now I stare suspiciously at the kettle in each and every hotel room I book into.

What did the last occupants of my room use it for?

The Perfect Gift for a Business Traveler

My perfect solution for getting my coffee fix when traveling for business

The AdirChef Grab N’ Go Personal Single Serve Coffee Maker or ‘coffee on demand coffee maker’ is a great option for brewing fresh coffee in your hotel room, without needing to use the kettle.

Low-cost, compact, light-weight and easy to use, it also comes in 7 different colors from traditional black and stainless steel to ruby red, orange, green and turquoise. NB. The price does vary a few dollars for some of the color options.

You can match your coffee machine to the personality of the recipient – corporate black or something brighter so that it is easier to find in the suitcase?

All they need to do is remember to buy (or pack) the coffee grinds…this machine doesn’t need paper filters.


Buy it Now: Procoffeenating

Key Features of the AdirChef Grab N’ Go Personal Coffee Maker with 15 oz. Travel Mug

Light-weight and PortableWeighing 1.3lbs, it won't add any significant weight to your suitcase or carry-on-bag.
CompactMeasuring 6.7 x 5.1 x 10.1 in, it won't take up a lot of limited luggage space and is small enough to stow away in a cupboard or desk drawer at home, or the office when not being used.
Quick and QuietBrews a cup of your favorite blend, quickly and quietly. Can be used at early morning or late at night and won't disturb other guests.
Low-costIf it knocked, damaged or 'goes missing', it won't break the bank to replace.
Brew-typeDrip-filter with own coffee grounds
Additional InformationAmazon 'Choice' Product. Over 830 ratings with score of 4.5/5

We love this machine so much, we wrote a full review on it.

User Tips:
1. Fill the travel mug with water, to the level of the coffee you want. Don’t forget to leave enough room in the mug for any milk or creamer that you may add.
2. Try to let the machine cool down for at least 3-5 minutes before you try to brew another cup. This will help prevent the unit overheating.
3. This coffee maker is made from a sturdy plastic – making it both light-weight and low-cost. However, this may mean that it will not stand up to rough treatment. While it doesn’t require ‘kid gloves’ treatment, it is unlikely to withstand rough treatment or being dropped too many times.
4. If brewing into a smaller mug, try to center it on the machine’s cup pad to catch any splashes.

Buy it Now: Procoffeenating

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