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Best Coffee Maker for Dorm Rooms

Most of us don’t start college loving coffee, however, many of us graduate with both a diploma and a coffee addiction.

While the years at college will be among some of the best time of your life, it is also very tiring and stressful:

  • Constant study, exams, and papers due
  • Early morning classes and long days
  • All-nighters to meet deadlines
  • Some will work a part-time job

Coffee and the caffeine it contains becomes an important source of ‘fuel’ for many college students. It keeps them going through the all-nighters. It also may (or may not) help them get up to attend early morning classes on time.

One of the world’s most popular addictions

It is estimated that up to 90 percent of the world’s population consumes caffeine on a regular basis. It occurs naturally in various plants that are used to create some of our favorite foods and beverages. These include How coffee works: Procoffeenatingchocolate, tea, and coffee.

Obviously, no one wants to develop any addictions.

However, caffeine is probably a better option than other stimulants of the legal or illegal type that you may be tempted to try to stay awake and keep a clear head when studying.

While coffee does have some ‘magical’ qualities when it comes to alertness and energy, it is important to note that it also has some potential side-effects including insomnia, headaches, and anxiousness.

The irony is that you drink it to stay awake and then it keeps you awake when you want to sleep.

Coffee at the touch of a button…

You can take trips to the coffee shop in the middle of the night for a caffeine hit if they are open.  However, is this the best use of time when hitting the books or on a working on essay with a tight deadline?

It is also probably not the safest time to be wandering the streets.

And, trying to find the time to get to the local coffee shop in the morning before an early class to ‘caffeinate’ means allocating time (at least 15-30 minutes) to get there, queue, order, pay and wait for it to be brewed.

If you have been up all night ‘hitting the books’ you may prefer to spend that extra time in bed?

What if you could roll over, hit the button and within minutes have a freshly brewed travel mug ready to go?

Of course, that assumes that you remembered to fill a jug of water to fill the machine and filled the filter with grinds the night before!

Our recommendation for the Best Coffee Maker for a Dorm Room:

Check today’s price

The AdirChef Grab N’ Go Personal Coffee Maker or ‘coffee on demand coffee maker’ is a simple one cup coffee maker and great option for brewing fresh coffee in your dorm room.

Low-cost, compact, light-weight and easy to use, it also comes in 7 different colors. These range from traditional black and stainless steel to ruby red, orange, green and turquoise. NB. The price does vary a few dollars for some of the color options.

You can match your coffee machine to the decor in your room, or opt for a bright color so it is easier to find among the books, essays, and dirty washing?

All you have to do is remember to buy the coffee grinds…this machine doesn’t need paper filters.


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Key Features of the AdirChef Grab N’ Go Personal Coffee Maker with 15 oz. Travel Mug

Low-costIf it knocked, damaged or 'goes missing', it won't break the bank to replace.
Light-weight and PortableWeighing 1.3lbs, it won't be difficult to move if the dorm room needs to be vacated.
CompactMeasuring 6.7 x 5.1 x 10.1 in, it won't take up a lot of limited space and is to stow away in a cupboard or desk drawer when not being used.
Quick and QuietBrews quickly and quietly. Can be used at night and shouldn't wake any roommates.
Brew-typeDrip-filter with own coffee grounds

Potential Cost Savings*

Besides saving time, having a personal single cup drip filter machine in your dorm room can also save you a lot of money over the college year.

How to calculate the approximate dollar savings

If you made rather than bought one cup per day:

[Size & Type of Coffee you normally buy] times [X days] times [X weeks per term] less [purchase cost of the machine] and [cost of coffee grinds purchased for the college year].

$$$ saving example:

1 Grande Starbucks Latte  @ $4.67 x 7 days (you live on campus) x 30 weeks college year = $980.70 per year.

Costs =  Purchase of machine @ say $23.00 and 6 x 20 ounce bags of Starbucks Breakfast Blend Medium Roast Ground Coffee @ $11.00 per bag = $89.00

$980.70 less $89.00 = $891.70 saving.
That is a lot of books or $$$ to spend on more fun stuff!Procoffeenating: Best Coffee Maker for Dorm Rooms

How to calculate the approximate time savings

[Average Queue & wait time per coffee]  times [X days] times [X weeks per term].

Time-saving example:

Queue & wait time @ 10 minutes per day x 7 days (you live on campus) x 30 weeks college year =

21 hours
 per year spent ordering coffee.
That is a lot of time that you could be studying or catching up on sleep.

You will still spend time at the coffee shop…

Yes, College is about study and learning, but it is also about friends and socializing.

Coffee Shops will always be popular places to meet up with friends or for study groups. Having a single-serve coffee maker is not going to save you all of the money and time you will spend in these places over the year.

However, it may make your room very popular in the morning as the aromas of your freshly brewed morning coffee waft around the floor.

User Tips:
1.Fill the travel mug with water, to the level of the coffee you want. Don’t forget to leave enough room in the mug for any milk or creamer that you may add.
2. Try to let the machine cool down for at least 3-5 minutes before you try to brew another cup. This will help prevent the unit overheating.
3. This coffee maker is made from a sturdy plastic – making it both light-weight and low-cost. However, this may mean that it will not stand up to rough treatment. While it doesn’t require ‘kid gloves’ treatment, it is unlikely to withstand rough treatment or being dropped too many times.
4. If brewing into a smaller mug, try to center it on the machine’s cup pad to catch any splashes.

AdirChef Grab N’ Go Personal Coffee Maker with 15 oz. Travel Mug

Click here to read our full review which includes a demonstration video from the manufacturer showing how easy this single serve coffee maker is to use.

Procoffeenating: BUY IT NOW

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Sources used:

* The examples above are provided for illustrative purposes only and do not represent a guaranteed level of dollar or time-saving. Personal results and potential will vary. They may be less or more than the examples shown above based on a number of variable factors. These include, how:

  • Often you need to repurchase coffee grinds.
  • Much your preferred coffee grinds cost.
  • Long you wait at your local coffee shop.
  • Much your local coffee shop charges for your preferred brew.



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