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About Procoffeenating

We Love Coffee…

Here at Procoffeenating, we love, love, love coffee.

I freely admit that I am a coffee addict – the first machine that gets turned on in the morning is the coffee machine.

That first cup is my ‘brain juice’…it wakes my grey matter and helps me start forming coherent Procoffeenating - The Mug I want to ownsentences.

My friends and family know not to talk to me before I have had that first cup….

Coffee then helps keep me fueled during the rest of the day.

I am not a coffee grower, coffee retailer or associated with the manufacture of coffee related items. I am simply a passionate coffee drinker who loves all thing coffee.

About Procoffeenating Reviews

Are you looking to buy a coffee machine, but confused by the huge range of models and their different features and price points that are now available?

While it is easy to be a ‘coffee addict’ these days, the huge number of choices of machines, beans, brewing styles on offer is overwhelming.

Are you struggling to answer:

  • What machine should I buy?
  • What brewing style do I prefer?
  • What type of roast do I like?
  • What is the perfect coffee machine/system for me?

To be honest – there is no ‘one solution fits all’ when it comes to coffee. Everyone has a different opinion and different taste.

What is your perfect coffee solution?

Buy the best machine you can afford that brews the coffee you like. Your perfect coffee solutions is the one that makes you go ‘mmmm’ or ‘ah, that is good’ when you take the first sip.

Here as Procoffeenating, our aim is to provide you with informative and amusing posts about all things coffee, and easy to read reviews that summarise a particular coffee machine or products key features.

I use Manufacturer and Product Guides, User Reviews and Retail Price reviews to create the guides. Any associated comments are my own.

Hopefully, they help you make the best buying decision for your brewing needs.

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